A new way of creating!
Each model is designed as a trilogy – a “Show concept” (available in a limited edition) – extravagant, creative and striking it sets the tone for the rest of the collection. The show concept is then adapted into the “Studio level” – a dash of quirkiness to express yourself with originality. The next step is the “Live! level” – fresh and understated frames to fully exploit the possibilities of interchangeable temples.

Creativity & diversity
Dilem identifies and deciphers design trends and styles and interpret them in contemporary design glasses. The eyewear brand boldly includes graphic art that skillfully adorns the temples and frames the eyes of those who wear them.

With its patented system of interchangeable temples, Dilem allows its wearers to change their look very easily, at any time. With an easy “click” you can transform a “classic design look” into a “sporty weekend” look… with a wide variety of options available you can let your imagination run free!

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Rimmed, semi-rimless or rimless frames, Oxibis style comes in all shapes and sizes.

Oxibis is known for achieving perfect balance between shape and colour in its frames. The result: brightly-coloured, original and easy-to-wear glasses.

Each Oxibis product has its own personality and designs are individualized using frame features like a hubcap, hinge, cutout and shape, or sometimes its concept, to differentiate aesthetically and technically…

Oxibis boasts the perfect balance between color, shades, finishes (matt/gloss), materials and the shapes of its frames to highlight the unique color themes it has become known for over the last 20 years.

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Drawing its inspiration from men and exploring how Exalto can enhance their world, it offers its wearers a custom designed product to enhance their experience.

Top end design
Technical excellence of specific hinges that improves flexibility. Focus on refinement, durability and reliability with a dedication to finishes and colours. Dynamic refinement for everyday go-getters….

Special attention to the detail and exquisite finishes are combined with precision and subtlety, finished off with a flash of colour.

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The range designed for women pays homage to fashion, design and femininity. Irresistibly inspired by the key fashion trends of the moment, JOOLY offers creations designed with love and passion that regularly change to reflect the seasons.

A dash of character, on-trend shapes, beautiful colours and exclusive patterns… passionately feminine and on trend in the typical Parision style!

The “added bonus” of the brand can be found in its roots: it is created by a young designer based in the JURA with a promise of beautifully crafted detailing and a love of work well done.

With a keen eye and a hint of audacity, JOOLY has just one obsession: to offer women the chance to stand out from the crowd with glasses that reveal their style and enhance their personality.

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