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FRENCH DESIGNER EYEWEAR – trendsetter and creator of fashion favourites!

Wearing glasses may have been a dreaded necessity a few years ago, but the industry has seen tremendous development over the last few years and eyewear today is a vital part of the fashion industry. Choosing the right eyewear is a powerful personal statement and most international fashion brands have launched their personal eyewear range.  With the industry developing at quantum speed both the lens and frame industries have been transformed. Lenses are getting thinner, with advanced and progressive designs for optimum vision. Frames are featherlight as designers are opting for modern materials to increase strength and flexibility.

As with any top brand individuality and quality are priorities. Oxibis Group is based in Morbier, the JURA in the Alps of France. The area is the historical heart of eyewear and watch manufacturing and although many companies opted to move manufacturing to China, Oxibis group still manufactures in the area.

Their brands, Dilem, Oxibis, Exalto and JOOLY are a combination of French design and top technology. The frames are everything you would expect from a brand “Made in France” – fashionable, elegant, top quality and materials – just perfect!

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